About Cygnet Fremantle

Cygnet Clinic is a private practice located on Ellen Street in Fremantle.  We are part of a larger family of private practices all owned and operated by Clinicians working at Cygnet.

Our approach is different to many private practices as we have established multidisciplinary team based approach based on best-practice guidelines for Mental Health.

Such team care arrangements are usually difficult to access in the public or private systems, and our aim was to make it easier for General Practitioners to access our services by streamlining the referral process and removing the need for Mental Health Care Plan preparation and reviews to Clinical Psychology.  One referral can enable Consultant Psychiarty, Clinical Psychology, Social Work and Occupational Therapy to provide high quality services.

If you are a Clinical Psychologist or a Consultant Psychiatrist with excellent experience and qualifications, please do not hesitate to send an expression of interest to join our private practice.  

The Fremantle location is particularly popular with professionals and limited in space - availability is limited and may be unavaliable at this time.