We believe in a General Practioner forming the central part to Cygnet's patient centred approach to delivering postive outcomes in mental health.

One Referral = Team Support

A single 291 Medicare Based Referral enables the treating specialist to refer for additional support to Clinical Psychology and Occupational Therapy if appropriate.  This enables a true multidiciplinary team without the usual barriers and excessive paperwork.

GPs may still refer directly to a Clinical Psychologist under Better Access.  If your patient has already had a MHCP (item 2710) in the past, all that is required is a referral letter.

How to Refer to Cygnet Clinic Fremantle

GP's may choose to refer to a Psychiatrist under item 291 or if appropriate, directly to a Clinical Psychologist using item 2710 (or just a referral letter if one has been done in the past).  Note that a new MHCP is no longer required if one has been done in the past (their is no longer a 2 year expiry date) unless a patients condition has changed (e.g., from Generalise Anixety to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder from a seperate incident). 


Question: Do Cygnet Psychiatrists see patients on a more ongoing basis?  Answer:  Absolutely.  If the 291 assessment provides a solid basis for ongoing Psychiatric care in the private practice setting then we will continue to provide high quality Psychiatric services.

Question: Can I refer to directly Clinical Psychologists under a MHCP for 10 sessions if I don't need Psychiatric support?  Answer: Yes.  We accept more referrals directly to Clinical Psychology through Medicare than from any other referral source.  Our Clinical Psychologists are highly trained and well recognised in their feild. 

Write a referral letter
specifying either 291 (Psychiatry) or MHCP for Psychology.

Fax to Cygnet Clinic
(08) 9463 6311

Receive a detailed Treament Plan & Ongoing Updates